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Brewing Guide

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Here’s a few of our favorite techniques for brewing coffee at home. For all the methods you see here, the ideal water temperature is 185-201F or 90C-95C.

pourFrench Press:

  1. Pre-Heat French Press 32oz.
  2. Fresh Coarsely Grind Coffee
  3. Pour water out
  4. Place 8 tbsp. at the bottom of press
  5. Fill with Brew temp water
  6. Fill to just below the press plunger
  7. Steep 4 minutes
  8. Press plunger down slowly to bottom
  9. Pour and Enjoy your Coffee

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  1. Fill the bottom water chamber to amount of cups desired 3cp. (Cold Water)
  2. Fresh Semi-fine ground coffee
  3. Pre heat water using traditional oil wick or butane heater
  4. Place freshly ground coffee into top portion of siphon
  5. As water rises into top vessel gently agitate to ensure full saturation of coffee
  6. Allow water to rise gently stir 4-5 times
  7. Adjust heat source to just hot enough to keep water brewing in top vessel
  8. Steeping time around 75-90secs
  9. Remove heat source (not just turn off)
  10. Gently stir 3-4 times
  11. Coffee should than start to brew back down into bottom vessel
  12. Coffee is finished it’s brewing once the all the coffee has bubbled down into lower chamber.

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pourHario V60 Pour Over Method: