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Aida Batlle Grand Reserve

Aida Batlle Grand Reserve

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Aida’s Grand Reserve is a coffee in a league of its own. This is some of the best coffee the world. From farming, processing to preparing this coffee for export at origin, from seed to cup, every detail is taken with extreme care.

Every single bean, is hand inspected at origin for defects and removed to maintain high quality. It is peaberry bean, which means the beans are much smaller and rounder than most coffee beans but are bursting with flavor.

Aida Batlle is a fifth generation coffee farmer from El Salvador who has made a name her self as one of the most skillful farmers today. More than 15 years ago, Aida saw that her family’s farm was struggling because of the low commodity cost of standard grade El Salvadorian coffee. She had an idea to treat coffee similar to wine. She believed in focusing more on quality over quantity, the returns would be worth the drastic switch in farming techniques.

In only a few short years, she was one of the most recognizable names in the coffee industry, which is extremely rare for a coffee grower. She has been referred to as a “rock star farmer” and was featured in an article in The New Yorker called Sacred Grounds.

All of that praise and fame from the quality of her coffee came from her already world renowned “Finca Kilimanjaro” coffee. “Aida’s Grand Reserve” is again, truly in a league of its own. Coffee Labs is honored to have been working with Aida for the last 10 years and roasting this exquisite coffee.

Roast Level
Medium Roast Coffee

Farmer: Aida Batlle
Varietal: Peaberry
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,520m - 1,875m
Tasting Notes: Tart blueberry, milk chocolate, pistachio