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Aida Batlle Kilimanjaro

Aida Batlle Kilimanjaro

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Grown at the Santa Ana Volcano in El Salvador, by renowned coffee producer Aida Batlle.

In 2003, Aida Batlle took the entire specialty world by surprise. The Kilimanjaro (named for East Africa's highest peak) not only won El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence Award; but it sold for a world record–shattering $14.06 per pound.

More than a decade later, and Aida Batlle's coffees continue to astound.

Her impeccable reputation comes from the pursuit of perfection in every cup, and a love for coffee. Precise coffee picking methods and exemplary processing at J Hill Mills create this amazing coffee. Coffee Labs is honored to work with Aida and roast this exquisite coffee.

Roast Level
Medium-Light Roast Coffee

Farmer: Aida Batlle
Varietal: Bourbon SL28
Process: WashedAltitude: 1,520m - 1,700m
Tasting Notes: Sweet notes of light citrus balanced with berries and banana, rose hip, clean finish