Colombian Coffee Farmer Jimmy Molina

Colombia Guamilito

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Don Jaime is 58 years old, and has been a coffee farmer for 50 years. His farm,
Guamalito, is located in the Altogrande village in the municipality of La Mesa.
Raised by traditional coffee farmers, he came to inherit the 2 hectare plot of land.
Currently he has 3500 coffee trees of Castillo and Colombia varieties planted. He planted his first coffee trees, citrus fruits, and ornamental foliage about 13 years ago.
Jaime and his wife are in charge of all the farm labors. Although they have 3
children, currently they are all studying in school. For this reason they live in thetown Dos Caminos instead of the farm, to be closer to the nearest village and school.
Since the farm is located at 1400 meters (the lowest altitude range La Palma worksh with), Jaime claims the weather to be the most difficult issue for his production. Dry seasons are very dry, and rainy seasons are very rainy, he says. Nevertheless, he has managed to sell parchment coffee to local cooperatives and has roasted coffee in the nearest towns.
He joined the Neighbors & Crops program during the harvest of 2014; in his opinion, the primary benefits are the partnership working, time-saving and the prices he has achieved with coffee cherries, compared to the ones he used to get for parchment coffee. We are happy to work together and help out in any way we can!


Tasting Notes: Toffee Apples, Chocolate and Stone Fruit