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Kenya Kirinyaga County Long Miles Thunguri

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In 2020, a year in which travel was seemingly impossible, the team at Long Miles Coffee were able to visit and connect with a community of coffee growers in Kirinyaga County who are committed to producing high quality Kenyan coffee. They've sown the seeds for the Coffee Scout program, and will soon start building a team of young agronomists whose mission will be to work alongside their partner coffee growers, empowering them with best farming practices and any support that they might need to produce quality coffee.

During this year's coffee season (a low harvest year for coffee growers around the country), Long Mile collected and processed a small volume of cherry from thirty partner coffee farmers living around Thunguri Coffee Factory, modelling how they produce micro-lots in Burundi. While their inaugural harvest season in Kenya may seem low, building trust within a new community takes time. Long Mile is committed to listening, learning from, and getting to know the communities of coffee farming families in the region.

Roast Level
Medium Roast Coffee

Farmer: Thunguri Coffee Factory
Varietal: Arabica & Ruiru
Process: Wet Processed
Altitude: 1725m
Tasting Notes: Blood Orange Peel, Creamy Milk Chocolate, Tamarind