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Colombia Warrior Nano-Lot

Colombia Warrior Nano-Lot

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Farmer: La Palma Y El Tucan

Region: Cundinamarca; Eastern Range of the Colombian Andes

Varietal: SL28

Processing: Natural/Lactic Fermentation

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Grape, Cinnamon

Cundinamarca a land of great biodiversity an ecosystems, with ideal conditions for producing high-grown specialty coffee. The region has unique microclimates and environments with temperatures averaging 21 °c, a relative humidity of 75 % and a minimum of 1600 sunny hours per year.

This limited nano-lot produced by La Palma Y El Tucan is truly one of a kind. Harvested from just 2300 coffee trees at an altitude of 1,750ft, these SL-28 beans undergo 90 hours of lactic fermentation. They are then naturally processed; dried on raised beds for 50 days and further mechanically dried for 77 hours. Every step of the way is designed to incrementally impart more flavor into the bean, and it’s a difference you will taste!