Two Colombian Coffee Farmers

Colombia El Charquito

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Nicolas, the owner and grower of this great lactic processed coffee is 56 years old and has grown coffee for over 20 years. He comes from a family of traditional farmers of coffee, fruits, and vegetables. After some years of working with his parents he eventually took out a loan and bought the farm from them, in order to continue growing coffee in the region.

As a father of three, Nicolas receives help from only one of his children on the farm, however the other two have found work in the city. Unfortunately, due to the lack of infrastructure and space, Don Alirio and his kids have been forced to work in other businesses outside of agriculture in order to sustain their family.

Since joining the Neighbors & Crops program of La Palma y El Tucan, Don Nicolas has noticed a significant difference in his entire coffee process. He finds the additional labor from our trained cherry picking team very useful, and the transportation of his coffee cherries to our Wet Mill practical. Now Don Nicolas can enjoy more free time to work on other projects, and can spend more time visiting his children and grandchildren. 

Tasting Notes: Red currants, Raspberries and a Linger of Tamarind