Colombia Bella Flor

Colombia Bella Flor

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Farmer: Jaime Marquez

Farm: Bella Flor

Village: Salgar Antiqua 

Altitude: 5,650ft

Variety: Castillo

ProcessingLactic Fermentation/Washed; Dried 15 days

Tasting Notes: Dark Cherry, Candied Pineapple, Lime Zest

Jaime is a 39-year-old Coffee farmer who was born into a traditional coffee family. He owns a 6-hectare estate that is located at 1600 m.a.s.l (5,650ft) in the municipality of Salgar, Antioquia. He has planted 33.000 coffee trees mostly Castillo in 5 hectares of Bella Flor, his farm.

Jaime along with his wife do the maintenance of the farm. During the main harvest, his wife cooks for the workers since Jaime can employ some pickers to maintain the quality and efficiency of their production. He has a child who goes to the local school. Jaime and his wife would like that his kid gets involved with the coffee industry and may keep with the tradition when they can no longer work the farm.

Before joining La Palma Y El Tucan's Neighbors & Crops program they used to sell his coffee to a cooperative near town. He also told us they struggled with the drying process as they do not have the proper infrastructure to guarantee an even dry.

Now since joining the program they have acess to infrastructure where they are provided a great drying process and can take out the best of their beautiful cherries. This in turn results in better scores and receiving better prices for their coffee.