Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle 650ml Mocha

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle 650ml Mocha

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Try brewing cold with the Hario Filter-In Bottle tea brewer, featuring Hario’s famous glass, a silicone lid and a simple plastic filter near the top. Just let your tea steep in cold water overnight, remove the lid and pour. Serve cold brewed tea in style with your meals, or add your favorite fresh fruits to water for a refreshing naturally flavored beverage.

Made in Japan. Materials: Glass, silicone, and polypropylene. Dishwasher safe.



  • Cold brew directly in the bottle
  • Removable silicone stopper keeps things fresh
  • Built in mesh filter strains as you pour
  • Attractive design
  • Dishwasher safe materials
  • Made in Japan