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Hot Choxx Hot Chocolate on a Straw

Hot Choxx Hot Chocolate on a Straw

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Hot Choxx Hot Chocolate on a Straw

Decadent, award-winning hot chocolate is yours in minutes, complete with a fluffy marshmallow made from scratch with a paper straw.

Simple, not messy like powdered cocoa, this is the hot chocolate made with adults in mind...but kids love it because it's fun. Forget the imitators. It's not a simple block of chocolate on the end of a stick. Might as well throw a chunk of chocolate in hot milk.

Luxx Chocolat Hot Choxx is the first and only of its kind...handcrafted from the highest quality French chocolate, filled with a flavor pocket made with cinnamon bark, topped with a special handcrafted marshmallow and it's on a straw! It is truly the best hot chocolate you'll ever have. That's what our fans say!


  1. Scald 8oz of milk or milk substitute.
  2. Dip in the Luxx Hot Choxx straw
  3. Stir until melted and smooth
  4. Enjoy!

Replace milk with half & half or cream, or add your favorite liqueur to make more decadent…oh yeah. Trying to avoid dairy? Replace the milk with "milk" alternatives.

Made by Luxx Chocolat!