Kenya Kanake Washed Process

Kenya Kanake Washed Process

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A light and crisp bodied coffee with subtle hints of cacao nib and posted almonds with a floral, lingering finish. Kenya Kanake is the kind of coffee Coffee Labs wants to be known for having. 

The coffee is a product of a unique co-op of farms. African coffee is usually grown on small plots, and processed at a larger, central washing station. In the case of Kanake, the farms and farmers are part of a larger cooperative, which allows this particular group of farmers to manage their own washing station and have total control over their coffee from the time it’s a seed to when it’s ready for export. 

The farmers use the extra money this brings in to invest in their future, they are currently looking into creating a cupping lab and lodging to host coffee buyers from around the world to further their business. Who knows maybe we will be visiting some time soon!

The chairman of the cooperative, Wilson, declined to take any credit for the  quality of the beans. The picture above is of Joseph, John and Hanna. They are passionate about what they do, and the credit for these delicious beans should go to them. 

 The coffee is grown in Kiambu County, just north of the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi.