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Rusty's Hawaiian Kenyan Style Washed Typica

Rusty's Hawaiian Kenyan Style Washed Typica

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Farmers: Lorie, Joan, and Rusty Jr. Obra

Region: Ka'u District, Hawaii

Altitude: 5,650ft

Varietal: Typica

Processing: Kenyan Washed

Tasting Notes: Butter, Caramel, Toffee

Rusty's Hawaiian Coffee was founded in 1999 by Rusty Obra and his wife Lorie, with a big dream in mind. They wanted to turn the Ka'u district of Hawaii into one of the best coffee growing regions in the world.

After Rusty’s death, his wife, Lorie Obra, devoted their farm, mill and roastery to artisanal quality. Rusty’s Hawaiian has won honors for producing and roasting coffee — and now showcases exceptional beans from multiple Hawaiian regions. This dream and their love story have resulted in some of the best coffees in the world. 

Several Rusty’s Hawaiian coffees have earned 95-point scores in Coffee Review: The World’s Leading Coffee-Buying Guide. Lorie Obra is one of ten worldwide winners of the 2012 Roasters Guild Coffees of the Year Competition. She is also the Grand Champion of the Hawaii Coffee Association’s 2011 and 2010 statewide cupping competitions and received the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe’s 2010 Outstanding Producer award.

We are incredibly proud to offer you Rusty's Hawaiian for the 7th year in a row!