Yemen Al-Ghayoul

Yemen Al-Ghayoul

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Each year, our Yemen coffees are smuggled out of war torn Yemen. Andrew Nicolson and his associates at Rayyan Coffee buy coffee for export and then flee to international waters in a speed boat with it to get past the blockades.

There are coffee farmers in Yemen that need buyers for their crops. Otherwise, their families suffer tremendously. The suffering in Yemen right now is an atrocity but Rayyan Coffee has a passion for supporting the Yemeni coffee growing industry and helping however they can, even if it means trying to conduct business in a war zone. They have continued to do so this year, even during the war. You can read more about their incredible adventure from a few years back in this article from The Village Voice entitled Magic Beans

Al-Ghayoul is an heirloom varietal, descended from the same coffee trees that were growing in the region centuries ago when coffee was first introduced to the region. It is a very robust, washed processed coffee. 

Notes: Clove, Black Pepper, Velvety Tannins