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Design in Coffee

Mike and Alicia with coffee farmers at Finca Paraiso
Coffee Labs opened its doors for the first time in Tarrytown in 2003. For 20 years they have focused on sustainably sourced coffee beans, and maintaining strong relationships with the farmers they work with.

Coffee Labs Roasters expanded to its second location in Eastchester, New York, officially opening the store on August 2nd, 2023. The building, once a bank, has been transformed with a meticulous design that mirrors the personality of owners Mike and Alivia Love, while also emphasizing their dedication to sustainability.

The shop's interior showcases a thoughtful blend of natural and modern elements. The ceiling hosts a striking herringbone pattern crafted from reclaimed coffee tree wood sourced from overseas coffee farms. Complementing this design are natural wood beams salvaged from the original bank, maintaining a connection to the building's history. In addition to using coffee tree wood for the ceiling, the Loves also used the wood to create the tables throughout the space.

A beautiful patio, adorned with a lush live plant wall spanning the shop's length, adds a touch of natural beauty. The Loves and their designer, Jessica Viciedo from Design Philosophy, aimed to seamlessly integrate this natural ambiance with the shop's more modern features. The color palette for the space draws inspiration from a beloved Science Fiction movie series close to the hearts of the owners.

Coffee Labs ingeniously repurposed the bank's original vault, transforming it into a unique bathroom space adorned with an array of artwork. This innovative approach reflects the brand's commitment to sustainability and creativity, providing customers with an immersive and aesthetically pleasing coffee experience.

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