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Frequently Asked Questions:

I ordered the wrong coffee grind, can I return it?
  • No, we do not take coffee back. We encourage our customers to double check their grind selections before checkout.


Do you have a loyalty or reward program?

  • Yes! Our customers are able to earn and redeem. After signing up, customers are able to earn points on their purchases both online and in-store.


How do I see how many points or rewards I currently have?

  • To check how many points you have, or if there is a reward ready to redeem, click on the yellow "Treats" button on the lower right hand side of our website to open the Rewards panel. If you are not signed in, you will then be prompted to sign into your Coffee Labs account. If you are already signed in, you will be able to see what your current points are.


How do I use my rewards?

  • When you have a reward available to use online, there will be a Redeem button next to your reward. Click on the button to reveal your special discount code to copy and use at checkout. You can also let your barista know during checkout if you are ordering in-store! Note: Rewards cannot be used on Coffee Subscription orders.


    What should I do if my package is missing?

    • Please visit our contact page and fill out the form to connect with us via email.


      How do the pick up orders work?

      • Once you've placed your order you will receive an email with further instructions. Please allow time for the order to process.


        How can I track my shipments?

        • To track your shipment, log in to your account, select the order you would like to check and your tracking number should be listed if the order has shipped out.


          If I place my order on a Friday, when will it be processed?

          • Orders placed on Fridays will be processed the following Monday or Tuesday


            How long will it take to process my order?

            • Orders get processed up to 48 hour after they are placed. We do not ship on weekends.


            What is your roast schedule?

            • We roast our coffee daily from 5am - 5pm depending on demand. Some coffees may be roasted less frequently to ensure our customers get the freshest coffee possible.