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Coffee Labs History

20 Years of Coffee Labs


Coffee Labs owners Mike and Alicia Love go to their first SCAA Expo in Anaheim CA. At this event, they decide to open Coffee Labs. One of the reasons they decide to join the industry is how inspiring the people are. At the show they realize there is a development in the industry: people are committing themselves to sustainability and quality. They are visiting coffee growing countries (what we call origin), which is exactly what Mike and Alicia want to do in their upcoming endeavor. 


Coffee Labs opens its doors in May of 2003 as the first "third wave" coffee roaster in Westchester County, and one of the first in the New York Metropolitan Area. We set out to bring a higher level of specialty coffee to a region that had not yet been exposed to it.


We take our first trip to origin in Mexico. This is our first experience of buying at origin, through a cooperative called San Cristobal.

Doug and Mike


Mike Starts competing as a barista.

The Stirling Syrup Contest is the first big contest we participate in. Mike comes in second, and employee Sterling Muth wins first place in the contest. (The name similarity is just a coincidence!)

Sterling Muth, winning the Sterling Syrup Contest!


Roaster Doug Wray wins an essay contest for his essay “Why I Roast” in Roast Magazine, published nationally.


We establish our first of many direct relationships with a farmer in Honduras, which lasts for 5 years. 

Mike wins his first ultimate barista championship with his unique drink “The Espresso Belgique” and went on to win in 18 different categories including Best of Brew, Espresso Cocktail and Latte Art over the next few years in Russia, China and the U.S. 

Selfie with the audience at The Ultimate Barista Championship in China


Mike wins another three Ultimate Barista Challenge titles including Latte Art, Espresso Cocktail and Overall Points Champion. 


Mike wins another four titles at the Ultimate Barista Championship.  A Latte Art Challenge, two Espresso Frappe Challenges and Overall Points Champion.


Mike wins another Espresso Frappe Challenge at the Ultimate Barista Championship.


Mike wins two more Challenges at Ultimate Barista Championships, Overall Points and the Espresso Cocktail Challenge.

Mike decides to stop competing professionally in order to focus more on Coffee Labs. 


Coffee Labs wins second place at America's Best Espresso.



In 2015, Coffee Labs opened our first off site location inside a large Biotech company located in Tarrytown. The contract ended after 2 years, and we are currently looking for new locations to expand our business into.