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Sustainability in Our Shops

We have a responsibility to preserve our environment for future generations. That's why Coffee Labs has taken the necessary steps to become a three-star Green Certified Restaurant! 
Green Restaurant Association Logo
  • We use as many green and sustainable cleaning products as possible. 75% of these products are green certified, and we use cloth rags for all cleaning. 
  • We have an arrangement with the local power company, Con Ed solutions, that allows us to have a very low carbon footprint. Our shop uses 35% Wind Power and 65% low-impact hydro electricity.
  • All of our plastic cups are 100% compostable.
  • Our paper goods supplier, Imperial Bag and Paper is a certified green restaurant distributor. They help provide us with post consumer recycled paper cups, napkins and whenever possible, java jackets. 
  • Imperial Bag and Paper also provides us with green certified cleaners and other items necessary for running a coffee shop. 
  • The benches outside our shop are made from teak grown on a 100% sustainable teak farm in Costa Rica.
  • All light bulbs in our shop are either LED or CFL, and Energy Star certified.
  • We don't use any disposable plates or utensils for our cafe service to limit our plastic and paper waste. 
  • Our restroom is equipped with a low flush toilet and a low flow sink.
  • When possible we use recycled and/or green office supplies, and always recycle all ink cartridges and paper. 
  • Whenever possible we choose a recycled or Energy Star Rated product. Many of our refrigerators and freezers are energy star certified. 

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