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Coffee World Tour Gift Box

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Each year we make a unique gift box with 3 of our favorite single origins. This year we've curated a special array of coffees that span three vastly different continents: Africa, Central America, and Oceania.

Aptly named, the 'Coffee World Tour' Gift Box contains 12oz of each of the following coffees:

El Salvador Santa Rosa, Honey Process - It is our seventh year of a coffee relationship with Finca Santa Rosa, owned and operated by our good friend Jorge Rivera. He and his brother Jose Roberto founded the farm in 1979, and it was a bit of a rough start. A decade long civil war broke out in El Salvador that year, and coffee prices dropped to catastrophic lows. As a result, the coffee farm was converted into a much easier to maintain pine tree plantation. But the brothers never gave up on their dream of operating a truly great specialty coffee farm.
Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Lime Zest, Milk Chocolate

Ethiopia Anderacha Natural Process. Our third year of a coffee relationship with Abana Estate farm. This is a single estate coffee, all of the coffee is grown and processed at their farm.
Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Stewed Strawberry, Cashew

Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate - This washed typica is grown at over 5,000ft on the Sigri Estate. Sigri considers soil and water conservation a priority and the estate is bird and eco-friendly. A medium density shade strategy, using two types of shade trees promotes even ripening of coffee cherries and provides habitat for at least 90 species of birds.
Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Grapefruit