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French Roast - Ethiopia Sulladjah

French Roast - Ethiopia Sulladjah

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For this French Roast, Coffee Labs has chosen Ethiopia Sulladjah. This coffee is an exceptionally complex coffee from the Limmu region. “Sulladjah” is the name that was given to the highest part of the farm at around 2,200 masl.

We strongly believe Ethiopians make the best French roasts!

Roast Level
Dark Roast Coffee

Tasting Notes: Smokey, Pine, Bakers Chocolate
: Gera, Limmu
Varietal: Heirloom (more specifically Metu Bishari Selections, Gera Selections, and Merdacheriko)
Farm: Abana Coffee Estate
Process: Washed: dried in raised beds
Altitude: 6,341 - 7,217 feet (1,933m-2,200m)