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The Americas Gift Box

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Gift box featuring three (12 oz) coffees through the Americas: Brazil Morada da Prata Yeast Control, Santa Rosa: Washed Process, and Nicaraguan Finca La Cascada. 

Brazil Morada da Prata Yeast Control - This coffee was grown at the Morada da Prata Farm, a woman-owned 142-year-old farm in the region of Alta Mogiana. The farm has a privileged altitude that enriches the flavor and its aroma.
Tasting Notes: Walnut, Dry Dark Chocolate, Toast

Santa Rosa Lot 116, Washed Process is a washed processed pacamara varietal from Finca Santa Rosa in El Salvador. We have been working with 10 time COE winner, owner/farmer Jorge Rivera for 6 years now, and the effort he puts into his crop is evident in every single cup.
Tasting Notes: Cocoa Nibs, Meyer Lemon, Roasted Hazelnuts

Nicaragua Finca La Cascada is one of our relationship coffees, Nicaragua Finca La Cascada is named for a beautiful waterfall on the farm where it is grown. Farmer Don Cesar's techniques of pruning, shade control and precise picking bring us back year after year to purchase his crop.
Tasting Notes: Fresh Earth, Rich Dark Cocoa, Bright