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Leaving Burundi

Leaving Burundi

By Alicia Love,

As I sit here in the airport after leave Burundi after only being here three days, it definitely was not enough time! It was enough to see the stunning smiles of the people of Burundi. It was enough to see the beautiful colors of the traditional dress. It was enough to see amazing coffee farms. But it was all too quick. In short it was only long enough to desperately want to come back next year! 

I was in Burundi by myself this time around, and when I realized I would be travelling along I was a bit scared. I had not travelled by myself in over ten years! I had forgotten about the family that exists when you go coffee sourcing. You are never alone. Coffee people are always there to help you or share a meal. There are always such great people to meet on a coffee sourcing trip!

Burnundi- COE party-tradtional Drumming

Burundi Cup of Excellence Party with Traditional Drumming

It was sunday when we went "up country" with The Long Miles Coffee Project, an organization dedicated to helping coffee farmers in Burundi increase their coffee quality and improve their lives. All the locals were out at the local markets and were dressed in their best clothes. It was a treat to see the town bustling high in the mountains. 

The coffee mills were just as beautiful. Picasso, the manager of one of the mills showed us how they process their coffee, all the growth they had experienced in the past year and their plans for the future. All the while he was beaming! 

 Washing Station- Long Miles Project

Washing Station, The Long Miles Project

Long Miles Project-Burndi

Long Miles Project, Burundi

The coffee from The Long Miles Project scored over 85 points at Cup of Excellence this year, and we are very excited to continue to work with Long Miles in the future!

COE Party: tradtional drumming

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