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What's in a name?

What's in a name?

By Alicia Love,
Denali & Juneau -The original Coffee Labs

Denali & Juneau -The original Coffee Labs.  

The name for Coffee Labs came to us in winter of 2001,when the idea of a coffee house was just still just a seed. One day we arrived home to find our chocolate lab Denali had helped herself to a cup of coffee.

We had left a half filled paper coffee cup on the floor with the lid on before we left the house. While we were gone Denali managed to pop the lid off and drink all the coffee, without spilling a drop! My response was “If we ever open that coffee house, Mike (my partner and Roaster), we should name it Coffee Labs.” When time arrived in 2003 to name the shop we did just that!

Our two biggest passions are coffee and dogs! 

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