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The Americas Gift Box

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Gift box featuring three (12 oz) coffees through the Americas: Brazil Morada da Prata Yeast Control, El salvador Finca Santa Rosa, Washed Process, and Colombia Ocaña.

Brazil Morada da Prata Yeast Control - This coffee was grown at the Morada da Prata Farm, a woman-owned 142-year-old farm in the region of Alta Mogiana. The farm has a privileged altitude that enriches the flavor and its aroma.
Tasting Notes: Walnut, Dry Dark Chocolate, Citrus

El salvador Finca Santa Rosa, Washed Process - is an easy drinking cup with a lot nuanced complexity, that becomes more pronounced with each successive sip.
Tasting Notes: Coco, Marshmallow, White Peach

Colombia Ocaña coffee follows the drying process using sun risen beds. When the coffee has reached the desired humidity, it will be taken to the collecting point to be put all together.
Tasting Notes:Milk Chocolate, Honey, Cashew